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MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000

A revolution in changegiver technology, the MEI CashFlow® 7000 will help increase sales and boost your profits.

One key feature of the MEI CashFlow® 7000 is its ability to retrieve important audit data giving you a better understanding of the cash flow running through your business. You can download transactions on lost sales, tubes replenished and the amount of money held in the changegiver.

Another major benefit is the changegiver’s ability to minimise ‘No Change’ situations and the amount of cash stored in the machine through its five tube capacity, its flexibility and the intelligent Auto Float system. The Auto Float monitors transactions, and ensures the right quantity of correct coins in the tubes.

With the highest coin capacity in the market and five active tubes the MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 virtually eliminates exact change situations on even the most demanding sites. However, by constantly monitoring the coin flow it can also work to reduce the cash tied up in tubes where the vend price or throughput allows a more efficient level in each tube, even advising on a more suitable tube configuration when appropriate.

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MEI EC6000

MEI EC6000 is a robust and very affordable coin changer.

Acceptance and security
The MEI EC6000 incorporates market leading discrimination technology which means your customers will always be able to make a purchase whilst you will also be protected against fraud

Fully accessible coin path enables easy on-site maintenance, minimising machine downtime and protecting machine revenue

Ease of use
Simple set up including cassette swap minimises training requirement and reduces cost of ownership. Designed for ‘Plug & Play’

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CASHFLOW® series 7000CASHFLOW® series 7000
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MEI EC6000

MEI EC6000

MEI EC6000MEI EC6000
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Why choose MEI?

MEI has focused continuously on the needs of the vending industry for the last 30 years; this industry has seen innovation, invention and dedication passed from MEI to the vending world.

MEI is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic coin changegivers, bill acceptors, cashless payment systems and other unattended transaction systems. Over a billion transactions are made every week in 90 different countries using products from MEI.