Coin Changer from MEI©

The economical coin changer

MEI EC6000 MEI© EC6000 is a new robust coin changer that handle most tasks. With MEI© EC6000 you get good value for money. Read more...

The perfect coin changer

MEI CASHFLOW® 7900 MEI CASHFLOW® serie 7000. High acceptance and security maximize benefit. Optimized money float minimizes cost. Read more...


Welcome to your professional partner for all kinds of unattended payment or cash handling. Nordic Payment Solutions AB© is a company of expertise to help you handling cash or when in need to offer payment for products in an unattended environment.

NorPay Academy

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Training Videos CASHFLOW® serie 7000
Training Videos CASHFLOW® SC Bill Acceptors

A library of manuals

Click on the links below to access a library of downloadable technical literature on our products. New and many old discontinued models.

Technical literature on coin changers
Technical literature on coin acceptors

Introduktion of MEI©

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Latest catalogue from Procoin©

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 NEW  Cash handling from Procoin©

Equipment for handling coins and banknotes

Procoin© Procoin© Procoin© Procoin© Procoin© Procoin©

Procoin© is an internationally acting manufacturer and developer of cash handling equipment. The product range, from simple banknote counters up to complete coin sorting and packaging lines, makes the company one of the main players in the cash handling sector. Read more...

 NEW  SMS payment

Mobile pay in vending machine

CoinCode With Coincode customers can pay for goods and services in a vending machine with mobile telephone! This gives benefits you have never imagined before. No need for communication resulting in low installation cost. Call us for more information!

MATRIX Note Reader

Perfect for vending

MATRIX Note Reader MATRIX is the latest generation of note reades, complete with storage. It is compact, has fast speed with high accuracy. Read more...